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at the bottom and head at the top. she recognized him at 21-year-old joshua perez. a family friend whom she watched grow up as a kid and sometimes stayed at her house. she and other family members tried to wake him. he was unresponsive, but still alive, but arrived at the hospital and later died. >> he was a good uncle and good brother to me. he was a good son. he didn't deserve to be put in a trash can. he's not garbage. >> reporter: that's joshua's older sister who is still trying to figure out what happened to her brother saturday night/sunday morning. union city police are not calling this a homicide yet. rather a suspicious death. investigators and family believe that joshua was out with friends drinking that mighnight. they are looking to see if he had a degree of hypothermia. it was cold out saturday night. how he ended up in the trash can is a question mark. >> i want someone to come forward and say something. if you were my mom's friend and if you are our friend and you cared about my brother, why would you be scared to talk? what's the problem? >> reporter: union city police, we s
in the sand next to a sign that said the next service is 100 miles, the town east of joshua tree, i felt driven to go further out. she and her friends were right at the edge of a beautiful national park. you guys know of joshua tree? you lease new u2 album. going this way and that. well, i wanted to go further out. there was something existential it was driving me further and further out into the big empty nothing, as they say about the desert. and also because the further out you went, the rents are cheaper and cheaper. so i was paying $275 a month for a two bedroom house with 5 acres of land on the edge of twentynine palms. right where that sign says. that is where the book begins. it begins with a personal crisis and arrives -- it was no accident that i arrived at this particular landscape. it has been the site of her sort of pilgrimage. at that particular moment, i don't think i was aware of what i was doing. i did not say to myself, i am in big trouble with my life, i must go kill myself in the desert. but ultimately, that is what i was entering. later on, all the symbolism was ther
that helped crack a case in waldorf that just stunned the community. tonight, 17-year-old joshua mebane is accused of killing two people and critically injuring another. joshua mebane acted alone allegedly using is semiautomatic weapon when he gunned down a couple walking their dog on a waldorf footpath friday evening. 40-year-old teresa bass was murdered. her husband critically injured. this afternoon, the sheriff's department was able to tell him they had arrested her killer. >> actually the sheriff talked with him and the sheriff was the -- the person who broke the news to him. he was again very emotional. and very -- happy that we caught -- caught mr. mebane. >> reporter: the arrest followed what authorities called an investigative marathon. involving metropolitan police who shared ballistics information with charles county about the murder of a d.c. cab drive every last week. the suspect in that case, joshua mebane had tied to waldorf. in that case mebane allegedly committed the crime with his 17- year-old girlfriend. >> we are all committed to safety. just know this. we are confid
. >> okay. didn't work. i did it. >> that's how brandon lee died. joshua's just trying to be a motivational speaker but repeat repeatedly smashing his head with a board he showed it was a total waste of time. >> telling people you have to go to karate practice. >> jujitsjujitsu, and karate. >> i guess i should expect from a region full of people who look similar. that's i don't understand why ninjas wear masks. what are the odds that someone is going to pick you out of a lineup. >> stop trying to show off your acting chops jackie chan. >> if steven siegal can be a wax off's tosh.0 web redemption. hello josh. >> hey, daniel. >> are you trying to catch a flour with a chopsticks. >> no i'm eating rice you ra racist. >> joshua. >> you can call me josh. >> with your beard you went full amish. >> want to touch it. >> i do. >> that's a nice beard. >> what was that video about >> i wanted to make a video to inspire people to do something to do something they haven't done. >> you just have to try. turns out some things that are difficult are really, really difficult. >> did that hurt. >> first vide
abrió es cuando vio que estaba alguien adentro. ese alguin era joshua gonzlez prez de 21 aÑos, un amigo de la familia a quien conocen desde pequeÑo y que a veces dorma en la casa. s.o.t. andrea hernández/residente de casa 1:33:08 y trató de despertarlo porque ella pensaba que a lo mejor estaba dormido y pues movió el bote y lo estaba llamando y gritando y no le contestaba. s.o.t. cmdte. ben horner 8:06:18 it appeared that the subject was still alive but not responsive, so ems came, he was transported to a local hospital .. el portavoz de la polica dijo que el joven estaba vivo cuando lo encontraron, se le admnistr primeros auxilios, pero muri en el hospital.. s.o.t. amelia gonzález pérez/hermana de josh :16:03 he didn't deserve to be put in a trash can. he's not garbage. la hermana de gonzalez prez dijo que l no merecia que lo metieran en un bote de basura, l no era basura. s.o.t. cmdte. ben horner 8:24:25 it was cold out, there may have been some alcohol involved, we are not really sure yet what the cause of death is. pero la polica dice que joshua haba estado tomando alcohol la
forward and urge you to approve this. thank you. >> thank you very much. pier, ignacio, joshua. >> okay. i'm anthony faber, a resident of soma. i looked at the pictures today. looks pretty nice but i'm worried about what's happened with the cac. they are supposed to be an advisory committee. you don't have to listen but you should at least give them enough information that they can give constructive and intelligent advice. that apparently hasn't happened. so i hope you will be, you know, bringing the cic into the loop and keep it in the loop. if we don't have a voice on this, i don't know, there are a lot of people who want this. we may not be listened to anyway. if you aren't going to listen to us websinger will oppose it. if you work with us, this might be a nice thing for the neighborhood. there is definite potential. we have to know what is going on. you guys didn't get the cac rolling fast enough so they could come and actually discuss it and take a vote and decide whether to go on. i hope that would be remedied in the future, thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon,
. they are at the edge of beautiful national park. you know that? right. if you haven't been there. u2 album. the joshua tree. you know what it looks like. crazy arms going this way and that. well, i wanted to go further out. there was something that was driving me further out in to the nothing. the big empty, as they say. and also because the further out you went the rent got cheaper and cheaper and cheaper. i was paying $27 5 a month for a two-bed rom house with five acres of land on the edge of 29 palms, right where the sign said next service 100 miles. that's where the book begins. it begins with a personal crisis and a rising -- it was no accident i arrive in the particular land scam. ultimately the desert has been the site of pilgrim age for me less than ya. and i -- at that particular moment, i don't think i was aware of what i was doing. i didn't say to myself i'm in big trouble with my life. i must go to the desert. but ultimately that's the space i was entering. and later on i realized that is all the symbolism was there to receive me. and began the process of healing and getting to know the p
died a year ago. a memorial to joshua has been established in danville at the veterans building community support has helped his parents get through a difficult year. >> the community has gone over and above what i think is normal in supporting us, loving us, and showing up for fundraisers and just letting us know how they have honored our son's life. >> they say joshua's death should remind everyone we still have military serving overseas and they deserve our support. >>> major merger this morning, cisco systems buying maroki for 1.2 billion dollars it lefts customers manage mobile devices from the cloud from the internet instead of having to install programs on laptops or phones. analysts see this as a big step. >>> san francisco may be shedding some of its anything goes image when it comes to public knew did board scheduled to vote on ordinance to prohibit nudity in most public places for anyone five and up, supporters say public nudity has gotten out of hand in some parts of the city critics say the law will infringe on freedom of expression. >>> four students have won the r
paused to remember the life of joshua who was killed in afghanistan one year ago. several hundred people gathered outside veterans memorial building to pay attribute to josh. the 19-year-old was killed by a roadside bomb last november just 73 days after his deployment. his parents say the community has played a big role in helping them heal. >> what touches me the most is when people come to us and they tell us how his life has effected them in a positive way. and how they have dedicated themselves in whatever that may be to do it better. >> ? june a ceremony was held to unvail a memorial statue in joshua's honor. the fallen marine's legacy also lives on with the creation of the receiver iffy foundation. >>> investigators in oakland are looking into two suspicious fires over the weekend. early saturday morning a fire started in a carport at an apartment complex. two cars were destroyed. early yesterday morning another fire in another carport at 41st and market. two cars and a motorcycle were destroyed and a storage unit containing a babies clothing and toys. right now they do not think t
occurred. police say the 17-year-old joshua is facing first-degree murder charges and also attempted murder charges. he is the allegedly the shooting, the suspect in the shooting of a husband and wife in which the woman did not survive. the charles county sheriff's office received information about him from d.c. police because last friday, he and another juvenile female were arrested for the death of a d.c. cab driver. the man's body was found on wednesday in a burning cab that had run off of a driveway and into a fence on the 4900 block of brentwood parkway in northeast. the cab driver was shot in the head. while investigating that case, d.c. police learned some information that led them to believe that he was a suspect in the earlier shooting in waldorf. october 26th, husband and wife shot while walking their dog along a foot path between hampshire circle and westlake high school. the woman, theresa mendez bath later died at the hospital. her husband, who we're told is a fireman, underwent several surgeries and is recovering. he's released from the hospital and he was relieved, we're told
is linked to what happened in their quiet community. tonight, 17-year-old joshua mcbain is in jail suspected of fatally shooting a cab driver last week and gunning down theresa bass last month. >> investigators just got the call they were hoping for. a break from the case. >> reporter: d.c. police helped sheriff's detectives break the case. they got a tip in the cab driver murder investigation claiming joshua shot theresa and her husband, jerry, a montgomery county firefighter while they walked their dog on this trail. jerry has been released from the hospital and his neighbor's wife, a nurse, is helping him recover. >> my wife has been working, dressing his wounds and we just kind of pull eed together as a community to heal. >> reporter: the teen's neighbors are stunned. >> shocked. i wouldn't have expected nothing like that has ever happened. >> reporter: over the weekend, deputies searched the suspect's home and they say they found the gun that was allegedly used to kill theresa bass. >> it was ballistically checked and it was a ballistic match. >> reporter: investigators tell me his girl
painter and from the distinguished sir joshua reynolds. could he be right? ( harpsichord continues ) john singleton copley loved his country, but he wanted the richer artistic influences of the old world. besides, talk of revolution was everywhere. political contests, he felt, were neither pleasing to an artist nor advantageous to art itself. in 1774, copley left; it would make him a better painter, he thought. sad for him, sad for america: he never returned to his home. at 34, john singleton copley was already one of the best and most popular painters in the american colonies. the young american artist john trumbull said of him, "an elegant-looking man dressed in fine maroon cloth with gold buttons, this dazzling to my unpracticed eye, but his painting, the first i'd ever seen deserving the name, riveted--absorbed my attention and renewed my desires to enter upon such a pursuit." copley had more work than he could do. early in his career, he mastered the popular rococo style: rich texture of laces and lush fabrics, empty faces. but like many pre-revolutionary americans, copley could not
. >>> coming up in the next half hour tonight. >> his name joshua mebane. he's the centerpiece suspect in two murders in just 12 days. he's 17 years old. i'm pat collins. the story coming up, news4. >>> an employee fighting the store's plan to start black friday sales on thanksgiving. >>> a popular band holding a benefit for recovery efforts after hurricane sandy. >>> a fast forward through the headlines now. anne arundel police hoping the surveillance photos lead them to the arrest of a man who shot a manager at walmart this morning. it happened during a robbery at the 24-hour store in laurel. the manager expected to be okay. the store reopened later this morning. >>> president obama tonight says he's withholding judgment on the timing of when he learned about the scandal involving cia director david petraeus. in a news conference today, he said he's confident in the fbi, which is conducting the investigation. the president also said there's no evidence classified information disclosed could pose a threat to national security. >>> 15 elementary school kids had minor bumps and bruises after a
is joshua memb mebane. he will be charged as an adult. it is not clearhat his motive for shooting the waldorf couple was. police are scheduled to hold a news conference at 4:30. we'll have the update on this breaking news from charles county on news4 at 5:00. pat and jim, back to you. >> all right. >>> to our other big breaking news story we're following this afternoon. former d.c. council chairman kwame brown learns his fate for a federal bank fraud charge. >> his sentence includes two years probation, half a year of home detention. hundreds of hours of community service and a day in police custody. brown also got his sentence for a misdemeanor campaign finance charge at d.c. superior court today and that's where we find tom sherwood live with the latest on brown's long day of legal proceedings. tom? >> just a short time ago, brown was right here in d.c. superior court. he was shackled in chains on his hands and feet. he appeared before a judge on his misdemeanor conviction. earlier today, he faced a different judge on the felony that forced him from office. >> step back and give
- murder charges after shot andes say he doged the woman walking her on october 26. joshua mebane also shot and killed a cab driver last week in the district. the cab was found on fire with body inside. >> this was the day of for kwame he faced to judges. -- two judges. sam ford is live at superior court with that story. has alreadywn served his jail time. spent six hours in the custody of u.s. marshals so the judge did say that he gave brown the required jail time. hear a free man about half an hour ago. in federal court, he told the has been embarrassed and publicly humiliated. brown rejected the u.s. sentence recommended of six days in jail and three years' probation. lawyer asked for no jail two years' probation. e decided to jail him hours and two years' probation. >> the judge felt as though he to impose the minimum of jail time and ordered issue a valid judgment. >> he also opposed six months of e arrest with an ankle bracelet and 480 hours of community service. sentencing. >> this afternoon, brown was prisoners. there he was sentenced for misdemeanor is handling of campaig
. this is joshua mebane's mug shot. the husband and wife were both shot last month. shomari stone joins us with new information tonight. shomari? >> reporter: this was the break that charles county sheriff's investigators have waited two and a half weeks for. detectives say the 17-year-old joshua mebane killed teresa bass. the teen is also suspected in the fatal shooting of a d.c. cab driver last week. now, d.c. police got a tip in the cab driver murder case from someone claiming joshua mebane lamingly shot and killed her while she was walking her dog on a trail with her husband in the hampshire neighborhood october 26th. her husband was also shot multiple time and survived with serious injuries. mebane lives in the same neighborhood with his parents. crime scene investigators searched the home this weekend and found a gun that was alongly used to kill teresa bass. >> it was ballistically checked for prints in prince george's county and ballistically it was a positive match with the shell casings and the ballistic rounds located at the crime scene. >> reporter: the teen was one of two 17-year-olds
. this is the 17-year-old suspect, joshua mebane. authorities say he's responsible for killing a 40- year-old woman out here and critically injuring her husband in nearby. but this teen is locked up in the district and 30 mis away from here, because d.c. police say he and his teen girlfriend are also the people behind another murder of a cab driver there. >> it's with a great deal of satisfaction that i announce that the charles county sheriff's office obtained an arrest warrant charging joshua terrell mebane, 17 years old in the murder of teresa bass and the critical wounding of her husband. >> reporter: the sheriff is talking about the night 40-year- old teresa bass was shot to death. her husband was also gunned down but survived. the couple had been walking the dog in their neighborhood. as it turns out, the 17-year- old suspect had been sitting behind bars in a washington, d.c. jail. he and his teen girlfriend are accused of shooting a cab driver to death there on november 7th. the cab was set on fire wi the driver's body inside. >> this is just shocking. i would never have even thought anythin
work and the matching of this done that put it all together. joshua mebane of arrested and charged with this one and also connection with the d.c. cabdriver murder. one thing that is still up setting in waldorf, we do not know the motive. the girlfriend and joshua both wanted to rob the d.c. cabdriver. that might not be the case. they cannot definitively say what the motive is. we're live from waldorf tonight. >> keep us posted. we turn to a story you will only see on 7 tonight. d.c. police are searching for a group of men. >> this group is wanted for crimes ranging from robbery to rape. jennifer is live in northeast tonight. >> this is extremely scary news. police stepping up their patrols in the targeted neighborhoods. they tell you these suspects are armed and dangerous. [no audio] there are four crimes that began right before midnight on friday. we did speak with one of the victims. [no audio] we are having some technical difficulties. that was an attempted robbery. that led into a robbery of a 27- year-old woman. that went to a double rate, double robbery of two women. the men
was just 19 years old when he was killed in afghanistan. a memorial to joshua has been established in danville at the veterans building. community support has helped joshua's parents get through a very difficult year. >> the community have gone over and above with what i think is normal in supporting us, loving us and showing fundraisers and letting us now how they have honored our son's life. >> the death should remind everyone that we have military serving overseas and they deserve our support. >>> tonight three boaters are thankful for good samaritans who helped when their small fishing boat capsized in half moon bay. it happened in rough water a half mile offshore just before 9:00 this morning. a group of fishermen rescued two people before the harbor master picked up the third person from the overturned boat. the coast guard says the three victims were suffering from exposure, but did not appear to have any serious injuries. >>> the black friday long lines have come to the bay area. shoppers hoping to get great deals are camping out in pinole, and store officials say it is the
in the theater, and she has to knock it out of the park. >> joshua's a favoritthe light in the piazza. >> yes. >> he went a little off tonight in his thing, but he's still a favorite. evan is the foot guy. >> yes. >> yes. >> he's a favorite. >> billy dirty rotten scoundrels, a favorite. >> yes. >> harry hill, a favorite? >> not for me. >> i loved his solo "before the summer ends." >> i actually thought drew shined a little more tonight then he did last night, even. like on stage, his presence on stage was very strong. >> michael was the jekyll and hyde. we can lose him? he goes down. adam levy, i feel like we could... >> no. and michael williams, i feel like we could... >> yes. i think like josh is an absolute in, must. that guy is brilliant. bring him up. >> i really liked evan. >> i really like evan too. i would move evan up. >> i would move him up. that guy is... >> he's hilarious. >> he's hilarious. >> as opposed to... >> are we going to get rid of billy because of evan? >> i think billy reaches a point of diminishing returns faster in his solo. so we'll have a chance to see what he can't
. >> reporter: his name, joshua mebane. he's 17 years old, charged as an adult. the centerpiece suspect in two murders, 12 days apart. victim number one. teresa bass. she was the mother of four children. she was just married for the second time last year. october 26th around 7:00 p.m., teresa bass and her husband are walking their dog on this trail in the hampshire community. they encounter a young man coming from the other direction, acknowledge each other and keep on going. but then that young man turns around, opens fire. teresa bass is shot and killed, her husband shot and wounded. there were no angry words. no attempted robbery. no apparent motive at all. charged in the case, joshua mebane, 17 years old. he lives just a few blocks away. >> i just think it's appalling that, you know, somebody went out for a walk with their dog and their husband and they die. >> reporter: on the night of the walking trail murder, they say mebane gets on a social networking site and befriends a 17-year-old teenage girl in baltimore county. the two travel to washington and check into a motel on new york avenu
be performed today after a woman was taking out her trash yesterday and discovered joshua press. they say the woman knew perez and he stayed at her home from time to time. police said there was no obvious sign on his body but alcohol may have been a sign of his death. >>> and his pickup truck crashed into marin county it happened 5:45 last night. witnesses tell the police the driver was weaving before he hit the water. the dive team pulled the man from the water but they were not able to resuscitate him. they are not releasing the man's name until his family has been notified. >>> the driver of a "b" mw crashed into a big-rig and the truck crashed into a trailer. they suffered only minor injuries but the crash caused a big traffic back up. >>> they released the new surveillance cameras. this is video of new cameras installed in the corridor in 2008. the a.c.l.u. opposes it and said they rarely reduce crime. >>> they braved the coldness to get their hands on one of the hottest video became of the year 400 people lined up at the game stop and they were waiting for the new call of duty block
asesinato del macho se declaraban inocente su caso tomÓ otro giro cuando joshua fue arrestado de intento de asesinato por un caso no relacionado que ocurriÓ en san juan y estarÍa involucrado su amigo jesÚs naranjo. >>> en esta tes pedida acÁ macho lo vistieron de blanco y en su cuello cuelga una cadena de oro ciento y ciento de personas vinieron a decirle adiÓs. se entregÓ a la policÍa. fri las empleadas. y los beneficios de utilizar la mamografÍa como mÉtodo de diagnÓstico para el cÁncer de mamÁ sube de tono. el estudio de lourdes del rÍo. >>> la controversia se originÓ en el 2009 el panel de expertos en salud preventiva. mantuvo recomendaciÓn de una mamografÍa anual a partir de los hospital aÑos. entre los 50 y 74. mamograma se practicaba cada 2 aÑos y no anualmente. la asociaciÓn norteamÉrica de cÁncer y la gran mayorÍa de los mÉdicos se opusieron. >>> yo recomiendo que todos mis pacientes se hagan mamografÍa todo los aÑos. alterar la recomendaciÓn, puede poner al paciente en mayor riesgo. >>> en un estudio de la universidad de coronel de la razÓn la confusiÓn
the murder of a taxi cab driver. the accused is joshua mebane . he lived with his parents in the same waldorf neighborhood as the cash -- as the couple earshot. >> he is only 17. >> neighbors are helping his family care for him. >> he has a lot of recovering to do. the neighborhood has surrounded .im >> charles county authorities said of gun found at his home the waldorf case. the motive in the cab driver murder was robbery. >> what would prompt a person to such a thing? >> i talked briefly with the mother. the family is happy there have .een charges in the end, it does not change that there for kids no longer have a mother. -- their four kids no longer have a mother. >> return to the growing scandal captivating the nation. that is david petraeus. have learned petraeus is in petraeus will have to answer to over his extramarital affair. she expects petraeus to testify. new clues into the e-mails the top u.s. commander afghanistan and tampa ey.ialite jill kell we're following every development. this is video of paula broadwell. dianne feinstein wants to note exactly what kind of paula b
be responsible for two recent murders. >> they sibilant joshua to murders and waldorf and d.c.. he was arrested last week in connection with their murder of a taxi driver in northeast. they say a gun was found at his and that lent him to the october 25 murder. her husband was wounded. neighbors shocked by the news. >> that a shock. she is only 17. >> that is the husband is now recovering at home. police did not know what led to the shooting. he is now behind bars in d.c. investigators also searching for the gunman responsible for a triple shooting and northeast. base a two man and woman were shot at a gas station. a suspectof three victims expected to survive. >> today maryland live will reveal plans for new table gamingr gaming following the passage of question 7 expanding gambling in the state. the plan to add more than 125 table games. at a news conference this morning there will discuss the impact the casino will have on tax revenues for maryland. and will talk about adding 1200 new jobs. maryland live will hold a job fair for the prime rib. few observers, hostesses and cokethis will be he
, but not everyone. among the fatalities joshua michael, who received two purple hearts. he pushed his wife all of the. she survived. ntsb investigators arrived today. >> we will be looking at information from the signals, making sure the dates and the lights were coming down. >> and video shows the bill gates and the lights working properly. -- the dates and lights working properly. the parade was quite to the need to with a banquet to honor the veterans who had been through so much, now this. >> still to come, the latest on the announcement that hostess is going out of business, in new concerns regarding the safety of a popular energy drink. >> the sunshine is coming in. insta-weather-plus forecast is just ahead. temperatures of up to 49 at the >> bad news for twinkie fans. was this is going out of business, filing a motion to close. they will lay off all 18,500 workers. officials say a nationwide strike crippled their ability to make and deliver products. bakery operations have been suspended, but delivery will continue and hostess brand retail stores will stay open to sell off already baked
was killed as he pushed his wife off the float to save her. joshua michael, a purple hart recipient did the same, sack cry fies -- sacrificing his live to save hers. >> a video camera. there are also event recorders that would record things like speed, braking, horns, et cetera. >> reporter: they are now praying for the family. >> it's hard because we're here to honor them and they're heroes. >> reporter: there are conflicting reports whether the gates at the railroad crossing was down. dash cam taken behind the float may give them some answers. brandy history, los angeles. >> two people are missing and four others are burned after a fire started with an explosion. the reg was not producing oil and nothing leaked into the gulf. >>> we continue to see skies clearing out. now skies clearing out noisily across the free state. we'll look for temperatures to keep dropping. another chilly scenario late tonight. temperatures in the mid-40s. overnight 45 at 7:00 and dropping into the 30s. cold scenario. some sunshine by first thing tomorrow morning and it will be brings took start the day. much
. in this particular case, the corporal, his name was joshua, was fatally wounded. he was being attended to by medics. he subsequently died in a field hospital. we waited for his family to be notified. once they had been notified, we decided to not just run the picture in isolation, but to do a whole series of reports about who he was, personalize his story, humanize his story, we went up and spoke to his family. where he came from, what his relations had been, his father was a career marine, and we ultimately made the decision we would use this picture in that context. it included the journal exurbs from the photographer's journal. the reaction was for us to not. prior to releasing the information his family made a question that we not -- the secretary at the time called up our president and c.e.o. at the time and asked that we not thrun information. we thought, after much consideration, that it was in the public interest to humanize a story that is often reduced to casualty figures in a newspaper on a website. ultimately, we decided to run the information. we created a tremendous amount of controve
and he was identified as joshua perez of union city. police are looking for anybody who may know what happened because the circumstances are obviously suspicious. they say because it is a holiday they will not perform an autopsy but from speaking with family and friends just a short time ago, they do tell me this man, joshua perez did have an us is a and some medical conditions and they also tell us he was intoxicated but they want to know what happened here because again family friends are tell me the trash can with him inside was brought to their home, it was not their trash can so they too have many questions and they say he is a nice young man who would stay here once in a while and he does have an uncle living here in union city. they are obviously grieving right now. jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> president barack obama is going to the white house and meeting for talks on how to avoid the so called fiscal cliff. tomorrow he will meet with business leaders. they are building support to avoid spending cuts which scheduled to take affect at the end of the year
and old south sense built, with razor thin polling margins and coveted undecides like joshua who just joined the navy at age 30. >> i haven't got a lot of clarity from either candidate. we stand with israel and we stand with our ally, awesome. what does that mean? >> reporter: from virginia it was on to ohio and time for dinner. the state to watch tomorrow night. >> i need your vote. walk with me. walk together. >> reporter: it is so tight here that even in deep blue count kwls billboards rotate romney's face with wanted posters, supporters have come in from out of state to fight the ground game one door at a time. >> support mitt romney, we hope we can get your support this tuesday. >> reporter: you did this four years ago for mccain? how would you come patriot enthusiasm between then and now. >> worlds of difference. >> feels like a turnout election, who gets their people to the pl pos. >> reporter: he teaches battleground politics at the university of akron and point outs that after a season of redistricting and new precinct locations, it might be a good idea to brace ourselves for
-old man last night. police say 25-year-old felicia viscania and joshua perry were arrested. the pair shot vaugn walker last night after an argument over money. police say it's unclear how the suspects knew walker. they are expected to be charged with murder. >> walnut creek police are using facebook to search for a woman spotted using a stolen credit card. today the police union posted this picture on its facebook page. it was taken by a surveillance camera at a gas station. police say the credit card this woman used was taken during a car burglary. she is described as a white female in her late 20s with shoulder length brown hair. >> sometimes veterans are so traumatized from war can t it can be difficult to function in normal society. a unique program that uses dolphins to help them readjust to civilian life. >> reporter: at six flaks discovery kingdom a special team of dolphins swam with 10 traumatized combat veterans. this is a first of its kind therapy session. struggling war fighters connecting with these remarkable creatures. >> the feel and touch of them. it's kind of life alteri
joshua. perez, 21 died yesterday. >>> a car crash led to an argument and a shooting. and it happened on greenwood drive and greenwood course. the c.h.p. says that the drivers got out and began shooting on the one another. the other driver was taken though hospital is expected to survive. >>> gunfire in a menlo park neighborhood led police to round up four expected gang members. two homes were hit by bullets early this morning. police arrested four people, including two known members of a street gang that calls itself "the taliban." police also seized marijuana, assault rifles and a handgun. >> it's very, very quiet, i just don't understand how the violence that come in here. and i think it needs to stop. >> police say that the taliban gang was involved in another shooting ten days ago that injured four people. >>> police in santa rosa are following leads on the stabbing of a woman. there are still no suspects but they are questioning witnesses. they say the victim, 21 year old micaela woodridge. was stabbed five times and she was also left homeless after leaving a drug rehabilitation
in union city where a 21- year-old man was found stuffed in a garbage can. joshua gonzalez perez was found unconscious in that can in front of a friend's house yesterday on 10th street. he was rushed to the hospital, but he died. police are checking out several tips about what happened. >>> and they are still counting ballots for one of the san francisco supervisor seats. the two candidates in district 7 are separated by the slimmest of margins. late this afternoon, norman yee was leading by only 33 votes. the registrar said that they may not have a final result until the november 4 deadline. >>> people wanting to enjoy a quiet thanksgiving are a little upset with one retail giant. >> target says they will kick off the holiday season, not only black friday, but on thanksgiving thursday. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman on the backlash. >> we're on the lookout for a pair of burglars. >> reporter: this is a story of holiday freight. santa took care of them at home alone. now this comes just after the dishes are put away on thanksgiving night. >> you know it's in the evening. and they love having
boivin, and sergeant michael joshua believed to have sacrificed his life for his wife, daylyn, when he pushed her from the trailer just before the impact. >> it was chaos, loud, noisy, people were panicking. >> reporter: the parade was just blocks from going through a banquet where hundreds were waiting. they have collected video from the train and the escort car. >> we just continue to pray together. >> reporter: as a heartbroken community mourns the heroes that fell here at home. overseas heroes janet shamlian, nbc news, midland, texas. >>> one day after the big settlement between the government and bp over the worst oil spill in u.s. history, another platform exploded in the gulf of mexico today south of grand isle, louisiana, 11 were injured, two taken to the hospital. two, sadly were missing tonight. this is a production platform, not drilling. and so the coast guard says the oil spillage is minimal. >>> and still ahead, some giant brand names in this country, are they all about to go away? >>> and later, all grown up, ready to report to duty. there is something about this particu
joshua el gemelo, y el sospechoso toma la calle 20 y se va a jardines de cataño, lo detiene la policía y le pide documentos, entonces después corre, huye, suenan 2 disparos al mismo tiempo que los policías acaban la persecución y se escucha esto. >> dios mio, esto es cataño, en la 50, están disparandole a un compañero. >> no sabemos que es lo que realmente ocurrió en este lugar, en lo que si estab seguros es que no tenían visual del lugar, en vayamont carlos webber, univisión. >> y en méxico caso 500 elementos del instituto de inmigración fueron separados del cargo por posibles irregularidades. >> y joe luis saez fue entregado a las autoridades estadounidense, por el secuetro violación y asesinato de su novio. >> atención padres de familia se lanza una alerta a los padres a la hora de comprar juguetes. >> estos y muchos más ovbjetos son peligrosos para los niños. >> juguetes con plomo o químicos nosivo, otros que hacen demasiado ruido. >> se encontró que algunos juguetes diminutos representan posibilidad de ahogamiento. >> si una pequeña pieza puede pasar por el tubo de
-old linda berry and 17 joshua mevin had been dating for less than a week. they were staying at a hotel when they hatched a plan to rob someone to pay for the room. the out-of-control cab cashed into a tree near gallaudet university. >> a woman hit by a car in silver spring is in critical condition tonight. police say she was walking across georgia avenue and a car hit her. investigators believe the woman was not in the crosswalk at the time. the driver stayed on the scene. his 10-year-old son was in the car with him at the time of that accident. >> tonight, some major changes in d.c. could impact the kind of care you receive in an emergency. erica gonzalez is live to tell us the time of day your hurt could make the biggest difference. erica? >> droreen, during the day, tha might be the most important time or the most available time that you should think about whenever you need medical attention. but what if the shootings, what if the drownings, want if your next heart attack happens in "off peak" time s? >>> to keep up, kenneth ellerby is calling for a power shift. increasing coverage durin
and 17-year-old joshua mubane are accused of killing the cabbie earlier this week in northeast. co-workers at midway cab say his name is muhammad kadir. police found his car wednesday night on brentwood parkway near gallaudet university. they say he was shot in the head. co-workers say violence against cabbies is not uncommon. >> a lot of times this happen, especially mugging goes on. we have a couple of report like that but never had anything serious like this. >> police say the motive for the killing was robbery. both teens are being held without bond. >>> more veterans than ever are unemployed. and today there was a push to get those veterans to work now that they're home from war. there was a career fair for veterans today at george mason university. employers from geico to northrop grumman came tout talk to job candidate. one local company's also doing its part to hire war heroes. two marines moving is a growing moving company that's hired 35 veterans this weekend alone and is hoping to hire 50 by the end of the weekend. anyone interested can still apply. >>> there are several
and joshua mebain were staying in a hotel. they hailed a cab and killed the driver. >>> take a look at this exclusive video from news 4. it shows police taking a 19-year-old into custody after he was accused of making threats at montgomery college. he told friends he wanted to shoot people just for fun following a failed relationship. the friends alerted campus security, who called police. >>> overnight we learned a florida man is now charged in connection with a crash that killed two people and injured three others in frederick county, maryland. the crash happened yesterday afternoon at route 75 and ed mcclain road in the monroe area. you can see the tractor-trailer loaded with oranges that overturned onto a pickup truck. two people inside the truck died on the scene. passengers in the truck and tractor-trailer were taken to the hospital. no word on their condition. police arrested the driver of the tractor-trailer watson pierre after he was released from the hospital last night. >>> the nationals season might have ended on a disappointing note, but fans have a reason to celebrate
of d.c. superior court nap after a judge ordered the teen and her 17-year-old co-defendant joshua mub bay mubbane held without bail. police have not officially released his name. >> a nice person. very cheerful with his work. nerve her any problems or anything like that. >> reporter: police found the cabbie's car on fire wednesday night in the 1400 block near gel gallaudet university. died from a gunshot wound to the head. >> initially received some tips, and that led us to then through witness information. >> reporter: authorities say the motive for the kills was robbery. police are still trying to figure out if the car was set on fire to cover up the murder. the assistant u.s. attorney in the case described the killing as a horrible crime. he says there was pre-planning to get money, to rob a cabbie, and one of them was armed with a gun. >> nighttime is pretty dangerous. the city, and we want the city to at least look after our cab drivers. >> reporter: attorneys for both teens asked they be released to home confinement. the judge said, no. scheduled to appear back neer hn court lat
talked about the state of the county schools in a room packed with parents, students and teachers. joshua starr touted montgomery county's strong record of success, but he also said there is one area where they need to get better. >> an african american or hispanic 9th grader is three or four times more likely to drop out before graduation than a white or asian student. >> that aside the parents say they're encouraged by starr's speech. >>> there is some good news for nats fans tonight. bryce harper has been named the national league rookie of the year. harper hit .270, 22 homers, 59 r.i.s and 18 stolen bases and beat out wade miley from arizona and todd frazier from cincinnati. harper becomes the first washington national to win that award. kristen berset will have more on it and bryce harper's reaction tonight on 9 news at 11:00. >>> look outside right now. it's a really nice november evening. topper shutt joins us from the weather center. i guess foam our luck goes away. >> yes. we're looking at a reality check, couldn't last forever, but 72 today despite the clouds. let's start with i
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